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‘Love Live’ takes over MadFest 2016


Love Live well and truly took over Madman’s Anime Festival this year with hundreds of Love Live fans attending the event in cosplay and spending hours lining up at Bushiroad’s booth for event exclusive Love Live merchandise.

Not only that but Madman had two separate Love Live exhibit booths featuring cut outs of the girls of Love Live and Love Live Sunshine respectively with fans jumping in for a picture with their favourite idol or idols.


Having popped over to the Bushiroad booth to see what all the fuss was about I was amazed to discover that within only an hour of opening time on the first day of the event most of the Love Live merchandise was now sold out. It was utterly incredible how many people were here for Love Live and it was almost impossible to not being bombarded with the happy go lucky school idol girls.

Love Live was so present that it was almost impossible to not be greeted by the plethora of Love Live cosplayers who had come to showcase their costumes at the event. There was plenty of Nico and friends to see with all sorts of different outfits from the series to be seen.

During the festival fans of the series were also in for quite a treat when Love Live cover group A-Muse took to the main stage to perform a live concert featuring songs from the series. I must say I was impressed by these girl’s singing and dancing talents which truly brought the characters of Love Live to life.

Perhaps the best part of the concert was when the girls asked their fans to join in with their dance if they knew the moves for the iconic Love Live track ‘Sunny Day Song’. Within seconds the stage had become filled with idols and fans alike as they broke out in joyous song and dance. I couldn’t help but be moved by how much fun these people were having. It was clear that this series had brought them all together and the chance to celebrate and share their love of this anime series was something they clearly relished. It was hard not to be swept up in the emotion of the moment as both grown adults and children alike danced with a smile upon their faces and let all their inhibitions fade away as they became lost in the music and the moment.

Overall I think that Madman Entertainment put on a fantastic showcase for Love Live fans and A-Muse did a wonderful job with their concert which was truly a crowd pleaser. Let us know in the comments section below what you think of MadFest being taken over by the school idols of Love Live!


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