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Love Live anime movie announced, Nico-Nico Mania is Running Wild!

‘Nico-Nico Ni!’ So goes the iconic phrase of cute girl idol Nico Yazawa, the breakout star of the Love Live series. A series that has spawned a multitude of different media such as an anime series, a manga series and even video-games.

Now almost 5 years on from the creation of the multimedia idol franchise in the August 2010 in the Dengeki G Magazine, announcements have been made for the anniversary celebrations of Love Live. The plans involve the anime of Love Live and a now announce Love Live anime movie! The announcement of the Love Live movie came through the official Love Live twitter account.

No details on the film have currently been revealed at the time of writing but stay tuned for more information as it is sure to come soon. After all Nico-Nico mania is running wild, brother!


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