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‘Log Horizon’ and ‘Lupin the 3rd’ licensed by Madman Entertainment

lupin-the-3rd-movieHuge news just made its way through from Supanova Adelaide today with Madman Entertainment making to major title acquisition announcements during their industry panel at the event.

During their panel they confirmed that they have acquired the license for the anime series Log Horizon and the live-action film Lupin the 3rd, which is of course based upon the legendary anime series of the same name.

Madman confirmed that Log Horizon is slated for release on DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital platforms in March 2015. The series follows players stuck in a video-game world and their adventures throughout it. No other details have been revealed for the release as of time of posting.

log-horizonAs for Lupin the 3rd, Madman have some rather grand plans in store for the master thief and his cohorts. Not only do they plan to release the film on DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital platforms at some point in 2015, they will also be releasing it theatrically in select theaters across Australia and New Zealand.

The film is currently screening as part of the Japanese Film Festival event but will be seeing extended cinema time thanks to Madman. Dates for the theatrical release are still unknown at this time.

Stay tuned for further information on both of these brand new acquisitions. Let us know in the comments section below what you think of these announcements.


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  1. Very frustrating that the more dramatic movies of the Japanese Film Festival do not get picked up as often as the action and anime. But I guess it comes down to economics.

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