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Live By The Sauce, Die By The Sauce – 91 Days Episode Six – Season’s Writings


The plan to kidnap Orco is now underway. Fango, being as lazy as he is greedy, leaves the runaway Vanetti crew to execute their plan in any which way they see fit, and as it turns out…the success of their plan relies solely on the acting chops of each individual. Spearheaded by Nero and Avilio, the crew confront Don Orco at his very own restaurant in disguise as two mafioso ready to defect from their family and join another. The promise they make; full control of the production of Lawless Heaven. Booze is a huge blackmarket industry, and Don Orco wants to monopolise it, but he can’t without first owning the Vanetti’s own distillery.

Taking he and his men to “The Lodge”, the boys plan to fake a death, earn a trust, and overpower their enemy in one fell swoop. Thankfully, this is executed by one Avilio Bruno; perhaps the most tactically-minded mafioso to grace Lawless with his two-sided presence, and it all goes swimmingly. Orco’s men are fooled and swiftly put to death, and Don Orco himself is drugged and taken to “The Island” where he will be delivered directly to Fango.

After explaining to the Don that he intends to take over the Orco family, Fango allows him the type of death that he deserves. Gathering all the Orco family heads at the Don’s own restaurant, “Ottimo Orco”, Fango welcomes his own hostile takeover by sharing a meal. The dish served just so happens to be Don Orco’s most enjoyed; Lasagne, but this one has somewhat of a twist. Don Orco loved to complain about sub-par lasagne, but who’d have thought that it was he that made the dish so damn delicious? Not him!


Episode six of 91 Days is a prime episode in and of itself, but it is especially enjoyable for people out there like myself who enjoy seeing a long-winded plan come together. My own heart skipped a beat when Avilio revealed his secret to Don Orco, for a second believing that he would actually turn heel on Nero this early so as to put an end to him as quickly as possible. As it turns out, Avilio has bigger and better plans ahead, and for them to unravel he still needs to be in Nero’s good books.

The pieces of this episode fell into place gradually and beautifully, without a hitch along the way. In most stories, across all mediums, when a situation like this is set up, usually you can assume that something will go wrong along the way, and the mistake will be so grand that those involved couldn’t possibly pull it off successfully without doing something drastic. To a certain degree, this episode featured that, but on a more realistic scale. Despite Volpe being discovered hiding amongst the barrels of alcohol ready to pounce, Avilio had schemed so well that he was able to use such a thing, ultimately, to his advantage.

This episode did something great though, apart from what I’ve just explained; it showcased the extend of Fango’s insanity. While, in the past, we’ve seen him at his most sexual, his most violent, and his most emotional, we’ve yet to see him at his most maniacal…until now. The idea that he would feed Don Orco to a group of his most trusted associates just to show that he’s not someone to mess with really shows just how far Fango will go to not only make a point, but to also satisfy his own disgusting needs.


Episode six features fantastic pacing, and story development that will knock your socks off. I liked this episode so much that I watched it twice in the span of about four hours. I simply had to go back and watch it again, not because of it’s complexity, not because of it’s convolution, not because it was hard to understand, or it demanded a second viewing, but simply because it was so damn good. None of you reading this knows me personally, of course, but you’ll have to take my word for it when I say that sitting through something twice, for me, is not something I often do…so you can imagine, with that alone, how much I not only enjoyed this latest episode but how much I enjoy the series as a whole. What else can I say? Molto bene!

91 Days is now available to watch through Crunchyroll: Click Here.


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  1. This was a really strong episode. I’m still not sold on the series as a whole (not because it isn’t good but just because of my personal tastes), but I found this episode really interesting. Though, even more interesting will be the consequences of the events during this episode.

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