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Live And Let Die! Sony Officially Reveals Marvel VS Capcom Infinite


It was only a few days ago that we at SnapThirty reported on a rumour circulating the web that speculated on the release of a Marvel VS Capcom 4. As part of the rumour it was explained that the official reveal would come as a part of the 2016 PlayStation Experience conference, and that it would be made available sometime in 2017. Well, we’re currently at the back end of this year’s PlayStation Experience, and just as the rumour explained; a new Marvel VS Capcom has officially been announced.

As expected, the reveal was delivered in the form of a short teaser trailer that depicted what many assume to be the flagship fighters of this particular iteration duking it out 2-on-2. On the Marvel side is none other than Ironman but surprisingly supported by a more recent fan favorite Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers). Those two are pit against new Capcom mascot Ryu (Street Fighter) fighting alongside a familiar face with a shiny new body; X (Mega Man X).

The group of four go head-to-head-to-head-to-head for a good minute and a half before literally creating the game’s title card out of sheer power. The trailer then ends with a silhouetted character of some description with a large body and two sets of glowing eyes; one where they should traditionally belong, and the other on the chest, a-la Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Now while people would like to imagine that Marvel and Capcom both decided to integrate an overpowered Anime robot with no real connection to either of the companies, that is clearly not the case. Many, though, are theorising that it is some unholy combination of Mega Man X’s Sigma and Marvel’s Ultron. Interesting? Hell yeah! Likely? Perhaps.

As it stands, no release date has been revealed for Marvel VS Capcom Infinite, BUT if you’ve got an itch that can only be scratched by the fusion of these two universes you’ll be delighted to know that the previous title, Marvel VS Capcom 3, is available now on the PlayStation 4. Yeah, they just released it, just for this moment! If that’s now enough though, you can catch the reveal trailer of Marvel VS Capcom Infinite just below:


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