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Live-Action Tokyo Ghoul Film’s First Teaser Image Released

tokyo-ghoul-live-action-teaser-01Truth be told; I’m perplexed as to why a live-action adaptation of Sui Ishida’s hit Manga Tokyo Ghoul hasn’t already been made and released. It truly is one of the most popular Horror/Thriller Manga of contemporary times, rivalling even that of Attack On Titan and yet only now are we hearing about it’s upcoming film. Regardless, this has sent the internet into a whirlwind the likes of which only a live-action film adaptation of a hit Anime can. Partially revealed sometime ago, the live-action Tokyo Ghoul film has been in development for not as long as one would imagine. The development studio and cast behind the film have remained mostly quite about it’s progress and, in fact, the movie’s contents, but those of you who have watched or read Tokyo Ghoul can accurately guess what it is going to portray.

The very first teaser image for the upcoming film has just ben released, and it shows both the main character Kaneki Ken (portrayed by actor Masataka Kubota) alongside his signature mask which, keen eyes may pick up, has is distinctly different from that of the source material’s. Created by one Masanori Morikawa, a clothing designer for Christian Dada, looks almost completely accurate to the mask that was worn throughout the series but with one key difference…the sharp, silver teeth. Masanori Morikawa will be in charge of all costuming for the film, so if you’re fan of the alternative mask than you may just be a fan of, well, everything else!

The live-action Tokyo Ghoul film so far has no specific release date, but we will be sure to update you all when the time comes for it.


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