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Like Father, Like Son – Tekken 7’s Opening Cinematic Revealed


It is the video game series’ like “Tekken” that don’t really need a lot of this post-release promotion simply because, over the years, it has proven to countless fans the world over that when it comes to fighting games the team behind the much loved arcade fighter know exactly what it is they’re doing. If Bandai Namco Games really wanted to, they could scrap publicity for the game entirely and still be assured that all if not most of the existing fans of the series WILL purchase the new release. Them alongside a whole bunch of new fans that will always jump onboard at the site of a new game.

That’s why it’s all the more sweeter when the world is delivered something like this; the opening cinematic for the upcoming game. While it doesn’t actually give us anymore information on the innards of the game itself, it does do well to raise hype and pump us up for one hell of a good game. The “Tekken 7” opening movie also happens to feature a father/son battle at the peak of what looks to be a very active volcano and if that’s not enough to get your blood boiling than I think maybe you just don’t have any.

“Tekken 7” has not got an official Western release date as of yet but I think I can say with certainty, judging by history itself, that it WILL be making its way to local shelves wherever you are sometime within the next year at least. As of right now, the game hasn’t even reached Japanese arcades but there’s only about a week until that happens so you’ll be hearing a lot more about home console releases once Bandai Namco Games gets some nice feeback from arcade-goers. You know this game is going to rock so just watch the opening cinematic and prepare your body for the fight of your life, baby!


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