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Like Father, Like Son – Boruto and Naruto Clash in Short Film


Pass the torch

To promote the release of a little upcoming film called Boruto: Naruto the Movie, Madman has teamed up with Deerstalker Pictures to provide the ready in waiting movie goers with a small taste of some ninja action. The original, live action short features the titular father-son duo undergoing a friendly little bout in the forest. Of course friendly does not dictate restraint, so the pair are more than willing to use some serious ninjutsu to secure victory. Okay, Boruto is, but if you expected Naruto to take it seriously then you should probably brush up on some episodes/chapters/films before catching the latest theatrical installment.

The film proper will screen in select cinemas from October 15th-21st, which is a week for all the calendar fanatics out there. So check out the short film, check out the official site and then check out the film. It’s the most Boruto-centric to do list ever composed, believe it.


And the winner is?


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