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Light Up the Fight – Chandelure Showcases It’s Pokken Tournament Credentials


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Pokken Tournament is an interesting concept, an interesting, divisive concept that has certainly left a mark on the Pokemon fandom. Of course, it isn’t actually fully released at this point, so take that with a grain of Shoal Salt and prepare to make your own judgements. Shifting focus to the game itself, why don’t we discuss the latest Pocket Monster to grace the tournament floor? That’s right friends, with the platform for Pokemon to fight in those one on one, knock down, drag out brawls we’ve all pictured in our heads since 1996 now lowered, it is time to witness the powerhouses of the franchise bring the pain. With that vivid imagery in mind, who could be a better roster choice than…Chandelure?

Okay, sure, why not? Representing Gen V, weighing in at 34.3kg, this sentient, ambient lighting choice brings the ghostly forces to a grand total of two. Though I assume added as a way of escaping a game dominated by pure fighting types, or those with the more traditional combat builds, I am not entirely certain as to why they opted for a second Ghost type. Sure Chandelure was unexpected, which may have had something to do with it, but it stills seems a little weird, especially when they went out of their way to include, I assume fan favourite, Suicune. Nevertheless, this is a real thing I’m writing about, a real thing that has happened and has its own trailer and everything. Speaking of which, why don’t you watch it? I’m not the boss of you or anything, but you’ve made it this far, so why not? Ponder the mysteries of the Pokemon world and wonder if Pokken Tournament is occuring at the same time as ten year olds are leaving home to travel cross country and fight dragons with beetles in order to win shiny badges…you know, the more you disassemble the series, the weirder it gets. I’d say that put the whole combat chandelier thing into perspective, but that’s still weird too.

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