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Level-5’s Snack World Returns To The Public Eye With Long-Awaited New Trailer


Level-5, the genius developer behind such franchises as Inazuma Eleven and Yo-Kai Watch, revealed a new video game quite some time ago simply titled “Snack World“. Looking like a mix between Adventure Time and a Play-Doh Rainbow Starter Pack, this game instantly confused yet delighted audiences. After the game’s reveal and short video trailer release, Snack World faded into obscurity, only to now appear once again thanks to the release of another trailer!

Level-5 held a live-streaming event over the past day wherein which they debuted this new trailer for Snack World. Showing only cinematics, the general public is still very much confused in regards to what kind of game this is going to be. Clearly it will involve a great deal of adventuring, which could be adapted into an RPG-style setting as well as a light action title. Regardless, the game looks like insanity wrapped in fun, and has me highly anticipating what’s to come next from the would-be multimedia franchise.

Snack World’s combat will rely on the player collection keychains that can then be transformed into full-sized weapons. Such an odd idea can also be translated well into the merchandising side of things when Level-5 officially begin releasing Snack World collectables upon the game’s release.

Still, we have no idea when the game is set to be released, I personally just hope it’s sometime soon. I cannot wait to get my hands on this Nintendo 3DS exclusive, and considering it’s a Level-5 creation, I can’t imagine it being any less than pure enjoyment. Both the new trailer and the model showcase video have been provided for you below. Enjoy!

Snack World Brand-New Trailer:

Snack World – 3D Model Showcase:


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