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Level-5 Reveals Yo-kai Watch 3: Sushi And Tempura Versions Alongside Official Release Date


It seems as though Level-5 have remained somewhat silent for quite a while now. With the release of the first Yo-kai Watch video game in the West way behind us at this point in time, everything went dark, even on the Japanese front. After a few months of nothing but radio silence, Level-5 have revealed through the pages of the latest CoroCor0 magazine issue that the upcoming addition to the series, Yo-kai Watch 3, will come in two different versions; Sushi and Tempura.

Despite the fact that the latest game will take place in a fictional American town populated by overtly American Yo-kai, the third in the series of Yo-kai Watch games will still remain inherently Japanese. Alongside the announcement of the two different versions, the magazine also revealed that the game will be released across Japan for the Nintendo 3DS on the 16th of July this year; only a few months away.

The most exciting thing about this, in my humble opinion, are the images of some of the new Yo-kai that have accompanied the announcement of this information. It seems as though the front covers of both versions will feature American alterations of  Jibanyan, Komasan, and Komajiro which, as of this point in time, have not been detailed at all. For all we know these could be evolutions of the famed trio, but it is more likely that they are simply their American equivalent, which seems to be somewhat of a theme with a few of the new Yo-kai additions. Their names are Tomnyan, and the KK Brothers.  Hungramps, Tattletell, and Roughraff also seem to have been given the same treatment.

The magazine also revealed one of the new Legendary Yo-kai from the Brave Tribe called Columbus. Simply looking at his design, which incorporates that of a boat, will indicate that this Yo-kai is based on the explorer Christopher Columbus…just incase it’s name wasn’t already a dead giveaway. Alongside this Legendary Yo-kai it was revealed that there will be a brand-new Tribe added to this addition of the game titled the Rogue Tribe. The very first Yo-kai revealed as a part of this tribe is a robot-type named “Android Yamada“; a reference I’ve yet to understand, but I’m sure has some sort of relevance within deep Japanese culture.

Because of just how well this game sold in the West, chances are, sooner or later we’ll be seeing this game hit local shelves, but not until after we have seen the release of Yo-kai Watch 2, which I personally believe isn’t too far away, but don’t quote me on that!


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