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Level-5 Reveals Inazuma Eleven: Balance Of Ares Video Game And Anime Series


Overnight, Level-5 held a press conference titled “Vision 2016 -New Heroes-” wherein which they revealed to the world a couple of new projects that the company is currently developing, as well as brand-new strands of information regarding already-established franchises like Yo-Kai Watch. As many of you may have guessed when, a few months ago, Level-5 CEO hinted at the development of a new Inazuma Eleven game, said game was revealed as a part of the exciting presentation. Titled “Inazuma Eleven: Balance Of Ares“, this game will be a direct yet alternate sequel to the original Inazuma Eleven game. Much like the chronology of The Legend Of Zelda, “Balance Of Ares” marks the first time that the series has branched off into another storyline, with this new universe never being confronted by the Soccer-loving extra terrestrials.

Centred around new protagonist Asuto Inamori and his friends, the new game will, once again, take place at Raimon Junior High as the new cast of characters are forced to move from their home to play soccer after their local government demolished the only soccer field on their small island. The game will feature charming call-backs to the previous game, and will also feature a couple of the characters you’ve come to know and love. The Anime series will follow the same storyline as the video game, albeit with small changes to suit it’s television audience.


Arguably the most exciting reveal to come alongside this new game is that of it’s engaging peripheral; the Eleven Band. Designed to be a replica of the same watch-type wristbands the characters wear in-game, this item will allow for players to choose specific characters from their in-game team and boost their stats by being active. Much like that of the Pokewalker, released alongside Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver, players will choose a character of their liking to accompany them for the day, building stats as they wander around town. Not only that…it’s also a pretty nifty watch! Isn’t that something?

Below I have provided both the extended trailer for the upcoming video game/Anime series, and the showcase video for the Eleven Band peripheral. Once again, Inazuma Eleven: Balance Of Ares will be released on the Nintendo 3DS sometime in 2017 alongside both the Anime series and the Eleven Band.

Inazuma Eleven: Balance Of Ares Reveal Trailer:

Eleven Band Showcase Video:


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