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Level-5 Reveal New Cross-Media Project: Megaton Musashi


Overnight, Level-5 held a press conference titled “Vision 2016 -New Heroes-” wherein which they revealed to the world a couple of new projects that the company is currently developing, as well as brand-new strands of information regarding already-established franchises like Yo-Kai Watch.

Level-5 attempted to break out into the mech market with their previous video game series Little Battlers Experience, and whilst it did quite well in Japan (yet not so much in the West) it was not the most well-received of their cross-media developments. The great thing about Level-5 is that they’re constantly changing, evolving, and developing, creating video games that blow audiences of all different ages away with just how engaging and enjoyable they are, so it only makes sense that they would, once again, try to take over a landscape such as science-fiction robot fighting.


Revealed through their “Vision 2016 -New Heroes-” livestream is another cross-media endeavor titles “Megaton Musashi“. Revealed through a  thirteen minute pilot episode at their live event, Megaton Musashi that revolves around three young men piloting a robot that is, essentially, the Earth’s only hope at regaining it’s freedom. In the year 2118, Aliens called the “Dorakuta” invaded Earth and, without breaking so much as a sweat, wiped out ninety percent of it’s population. The surviving humans escaped to a safe haven called “Shelter” that has allowed them to live relatively at ease, giving them the time and space to develop counter measures for the Alien race that now inhabit Earth.

Most surviving humans that aren’t attached to the military have had their memory wiped, and no longer remember the events that lead to their race’s downfall, but there are three particular boys that still recall exactly what happened, and it is those same three boys that will act as the saviours of what is left of human kinds. Piloting robots called “Musashi’s“, the human race aim to take back Earth, once again making it a safe place to exist, but it is going to take much more than good intentions and big guns.

Unfortunately, Level-5 did not showcase too much of what the Nintendo 3DS game is going to be like outside of a few screenshots. Shown instead was, as mentioned, the thirteen-minute Anime series pilot, and shots of merchandise that will be sold upon the game’s release, including replica cards that, as you will see in the pilot, are used to transform the Megaton Musashi, giving it bigger and better weaponry. Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino then revealed that a Manga series based on this storyline will be developed alongside Shueisha’s Shonen Jump, though the Mangaka in charge of this project has not been revealed as of yet.

Megaton Musashi, and all of its off-shoots, are set for a release sometime in the Summer of 2017. Below I have provided for you the Anime series pilot shown as a part of the livestream. Enjoy!

Megaton Musashi Thirteen-Minute Anime Pilot:


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