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Level-5 Japan Releases A Multitude Of New Yo-Kai Watch 3 Promotional Videos


Would it be going to far to say that Level-5 is one of the most generous video game developers of this generation? I mean, they’re constantly updating us on their recent projects, never allowing us to wait too long without seeing what’s new. In my eyes, Level-5 cares for it’s audience, especially those of us out there that love Yo-Kai Watch!

Speaking of which; Level-5 Japan has, over night, updated their official Youtube channel to now feature a set of new promotional videos, trailers, and television advertisements for their upcoming franchise addition; Yo-Kai Watch 3: Sushi and Tempura.

Alongside a video showcasing the updated battle system of the new game, Level-5 have also released videos that show, in great detail, the “My Nyan” Yo-Kai creation feature of the game as well as two brand-new full-length trailers spotlighting the two title variations, and a set of three video advertisements that will now be appearing during television ad breaks across Japan.

Now, you don’t want to have to sit here all day reading what I have to write, no way! You’ve got things to do, but not until after you’ve watched all the new videos, of which I’ve provided for you just below.

Yo-Kai Watch 3: Sushi and Tempura are set for a release on the Nintendo 3DS across Japan on the 16th of July.

Battle Video:

My Nyan Video:

Trailer Three – You Got a Otomodachi Version:

Trailer Three – Declaration Of Independence Version:

Television Advertisement – Set In The USA:

Television Advertisement – National Declaration:

Television Advertisement – The Making Of:


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