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Level-5 Deliver A Huge Snack World Update As Part Of Their Vision 2016 Livestream


Overnight, Level-5 held a press conference titled “Vision 2016 -New Heroes-” wherein which they revealed to the world a couple of new projects that the company is currently developing, as well as brand-new strands of information regarding already-established franchises like Yo-Kai Watch.

Snack World, which has been in development for quite some time now, is arguably the most exciting new project to be spearheaded by Level-5 games in recent times. If I know one thing for sure, it’s that I’m absolutely enamoured by this game, the new information revealed at the most recent Level-5 livestream has only made me come to love it all the more. Alongside the screening of a brand-new trailer for the game, that adds on to footage released previously, Level-5 also revealed that Snack World will not only be getting a release on the Nintendo 3DS but also on iOS-run SmartPhones.

The iOS version of the game, alongside the television series, are set to be released/aired (TV Tokyo for the series) in the April of 2017, followed up by the release of the Nintendo 3DS version in the July. Between those two months, Level-5 intends to release the keychain peripherals, called “Jaras“, that will interact with the game, allowing players to unlock cool and unique weapons for their character.


Provided for you below are a whole bunch of videos related to Snack World; one of which is the brand new trailer for the game which now features the use of an item called the Fairy-pon (essentially a summoning device), another of which is CEO Akihiro Hino showcasing some of the upcoming game’s mechanics, and four of which are specialty videos advertising some of the weapon brands that will be featured in the game.

Much like that of Borderlands, Snack World will be filled with different manufacturers all of which develop different types of weaponry. Anywho, you don’t want to sit here reading all day, do you? No! You want to watch some trailers and get excited for Snack World! Yeah! Enjoy!

Snack World Vision 2016 Trailer:

Snack World Gameplay Video:

Jara Brand – Britannia Enchant:

Jara Brand – Peffany:

Jara Brand – Clanarine:

Jara Brand – Fairy Electronics:


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