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Level-5 Announces Yo-Kai Watch Busters: Moon Rabbit Team

Yokai-Watch-Busters-Moon-Rabbit-Team-Coro-Coro-Advertisement-01Video game franchises like Pokemon have taught us that most games coming with two different versions will, eventually, spawn a third. We saw this originally with Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow, and we’re beginning to see it in other franchises too, most notably is that of Yo-Kai Watch who’s second game has more than one version, each with differentiating Yokai to befriend.

You may have heard of Yo-Kai Watch Busters; it’s the pair of spin-off titles that introduce the world of Yo-Kai Watch to the gameplay mechanics of an old-school beat em’ up title that has you beating enemies, meeting friends, levelling up, and everything in between. At first, as mentioned, there were just the two games; Red Cat Team, and White Dog Corps, but now Level-5, through the pages of CoroCoro magazine, have announced that there is going to be a third game in the Yo-Kai Watch Busters series with it’s main Yokai being USApyon, and it’s called Moon Rabbit Team.

The new game will launch in December of this year alongside a free update for both Red Cat Team and White Dog Corps that will allow the three to interact with each other without any issue. There will also be certain Yokai, item, and costume editions to the games but what specifically is to be added has yet to have been revealed. Whatever the case, much like anything else Yo-Kai Watch, I just hope that we one day see this trio of games head to the West much like the first mainstream Yo-Kai Watch title that’s set to hit local shores this December.


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