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Let’s Go, Buddy! Trading Card Games invade SMASH! 2014


Stand up, my Vanguard! Let’s go, Buddy! It’s time to duel! Pokemon, Go!

Those were the battle-cries heard at SMASH! 2014 in Sydney at the Rosehill Gardens during the weekend’s intense Trading Card Game tournaments which wowed attendees and captivated them with the intensity of play on show from these skilled TCG players.

The TCG booth as it were was decorated head to toe in the latest TCG craze, Future Card Buddyfight, the newest Card Game from Bushiroad, the people who have brought us Cardfight Vanguard and Weiss Schwartz. It was quite clear that Buddyfight was going to make quite the impact considering how heavily it was being promoted at the event.

While Buddyfight did prove to be a popular new game among players at the TCG booth, it was evident that the real star of the show was Cardfight Vanguard, the clear fan favourite. The Vanguard tournament was a real barn-burner with intense battles that would cause you to break a sweat just by watching it. The participants all cardfought their hearts out and all seemed to have a lot of fun in doing so.

Besides the Vanguard tournament there was also tournaments held for the more classic Card Games such as Yu-Gi-Oh! and the Pokemon TCG. Both proved to garner quite a turn-out, showing that some things never truly grow old.

On top of the events tournaments there was also a tutorial section in which experienced players would help you learn the games through hands on teachings. It was great to see that these games had interested so many people and inspired them to learn a new TCG that they may not have known even existed prior to the event. In fact I saw a young boy pick up his first Vanguard deck and score his first ever victory. It is one of those moments that will last a life-time and you could tell that it is a moment that young boy will not forget any time soon.

All in all, It really goes to show just how special TCG are and the fact that so many people can still to this day be so enthralled in trading cards is a wonderful thing. Leave your thoughts on TCG and the SMASH! 2014 event in the comments section below.


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