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Let it Rip? – Beyblade Set to Go Live Action


Spinnin’ it out at the speed of sound

That’s right fellow Bladers, the long standing franchise that revels in top on top violence is set to transition to the big screen. Not only that, but the Western version of said screen of big size, courtesy of Paramount Pictures. Production wise, the film-to-be will be handled by Mary Parent and her company Disruption Entertainment.

Now, in case you are wondering, “How will they capture the immense immensity that comprises the spinning science of the Bey?”, you may find it interesting to know that Parent has produced films that depict similar clashes of creatures. Namely I speak of Pacific Rim and Godzilla. Now, whatever you thought of these films, you cannot deny that they features some truly titanic terrors going toe to toe in battles to the bitter end. Now, whilst I don’t recall Beyblades ever destroying environments to such a considerable extent, it doesn’t hurt to have some familiarity with battles that are so ludicrous in inception, that they loop back on themselves and become cool.

No word has been said on exactly what the film, should it make it to release, will focus on, what with the multitude of series that fall under the Beyblade banner. Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing Tyson and crew brought back for a new hurrah, what with Dragoon and all that. But to be honest, I am most interested in seeing if the original Beyblade theme song will make a triumphant return to favour. Because, you know, it is one of the best anime theme songs ever…at least through my nostalgic eyes.

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