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Legendary, Sony, And Warner Bros. In Bidding War Over Pokemon Live-Action Film Rights


You’re a fan of Pokemon, right? Of course! We all are, this much is true. Because of this, we’re not necessarily going to jump at the prospect of there being a live-action adaptations of the 90s video game of the same name. We’re not silly, we’ve seen previous attempts at this kind of the thing, the writing is on the wall, chances are if it were to happen…it wouldn’t be good. Well, according to source Hollywood Reporter, juggernaut studios Legendary Entertainment, Sony, and Warner Bros. have been fighting a secret bidding war for the rights to a live-action Pokemon film adaptation. It has been proven that no company should attempt to develop live-action film adaptations of much-beloved television series’ from our childhoods. Have we not learned from the past?

Despite the fact that Pokemon would make an absolutely atrocious live-action film thanks many, many obvious factors, those vying for the rights to it will do absolutely everything in their power to make it because, well…it’s Pokemon! It’s going to make money regardless of the film’s quality, and that’s enough assurance for any company to justifiably sink thousands of man-hours and even more money into producing a film of this kind.


Look, I try my very best to remain mostly impartial when I’m writing for SnapThirty. I don’t like being one of those stereotypical citizen journalist-types that funnels as much of my hidden agenda as possible into simple news articles like this, but I feel like the only proper stance on this is that of a cynical one. History should have taught us that these types of things are no good, but the prospect of making money tells a very different tale. Fact is; no matter what anyone says about things like a live-action Pokemon, Fullmetal Alchemist, or Ghost In The Shell adaptation…these things are going to happen regardless.

From what has already been reported, it seems as though Legendary are a step ahead of it’s competitors when it comes to the auction, but seeing as Warner Bros. have, in the past, acquired the rights to many of the animated Pokemon films, it’s looking as though they may break ahead during the last legs of the race. Ultimately, for us, it seems as though this bidding war is a serious “Alien Vs Predator” situation. You know; “whoever wins…we lose“.


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