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Legend of Zelda Fans Meet Linkle, The Female Version of Link


When the new Legend of Zelda game was first announced for the Wii U, many asked the question ‘Hey, is Link a girl now?’ after examining the very feminine looking protagonist for the new title. Well while Nintendo has neither confirmed nor denied that the new installment in the series will feature a female hero of time, they have however revealed Linkle, a female equivalent of Link who is set to appear in the upcoming Hyrule Warriors Legends on the Nintendo 3DS.

Unlike her male counterpart, Linkle fights predominantly with duel-wielded crossbows. Her character design appears to be a half way between Link and Zelda, yet she bares a strong resemblance to the hero seen in the trailer for the new Zelda title, right down to the hoodie rather than the iconic cap.

Many are speculating that Nintendo maybe giving us a taste of the new game’s protagonist in Hyrule Warriors Legends but who knows, Linkle may just be a Warriors exclusive character. Decide for yourself and watch the trailer below.

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