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Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC Pass, Original Story and Hard Mode Added

Nintendo often get criticised for their constant attempts to innovate, at the same time as being criticised for not being with the times as it is. You want a new console? Sure! You don’t want it to have new features? Who are you and why are you in my office?! At some point, the company cannot win. Fast forward to today where  Nintendo has announced that they will be releasing an DLC pass, expansion pack for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The pack has three  main sections and will begin to release coinciding with the games launch. The pack in total goes for $19.99 USD, which will most likely mean that Australia will be paying $25-$30. A reasonable price for what is on offer. Both the Switch and Wii U versions will be identical. The main downside to this is that the three packs will not be available for separate purchase. All or nothing, yo.


  Link summons his stand “Punk Rock Princess”

The first pack, released with the launch, comes with three chests sprinkled around the large Great Plateau area, one of which will contain a T-shirt with a Nintendo Switch logo for link to wear, possibly to confirm that Zelda is set in the future, long after the demise of Nintendo and all existence. The next pack (releasing in June/July) includes and addition for the cave of trials, an ‘additional map feature’ whatever that is, and a had mode for all the boys and girls. The third pack (releasing around November/December) seems to be the more substantial one containing a new dungeon and new original story.

Just as Nintendo is just now catching up with things like voice chat in their games, it seems they have caught on to the whole DLC pack (call it an expansion all you want Nintendo, its DLC) thing. Thankfully it seems they are stuck in 2008 DLC packs where you get a complete game and then the DLC adds a whole lot more, rather than today where you get what was left out of the main game. However, as with all change, quite a few people are perturbed by this announcement as they feel their precious DollaryDoos are being wasted. With what is on offer the $25 price point seems a pittance but its up to the individual to determine the worth. I for one welcome Nintendo into the land of DLC. Stay in the 2008 range, nobody tell them how bad DLC is today, lets keep he dream alive.

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