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Leaked Videos Confirm Roy And Ryu As Upcoming Playable Characters In Super Smash Bros. For Wii U And 3DS


The Electronic Entertainment Expo, also known as E3, is coming up and with the large event comes a whole bunch of exciting video game news from across the board. Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, they all bring their best to the yearly exhibition which means they usually save the very best news to release it when the whole gaming world is watching, but no company is safe from leaks and the general gaming audience loves it when a huge piece of news drops before scheduled time.

Two short videos have now begun circulating the web which show both Ryu from Capcom’s incredibly popular fighting series Street Fighter and Roy from Intelligent Systems‘ famed RPG Fire Emblem going head-to-head with the already sizeable cast of the new Super Smash Bros. title which has been available for the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS for quite some time.

These videos have come about thanks to the early release of the game’s next big update which has now been made available in Japan…not on purpose, of course. As with any added content, the new Super Smash Bros. update comes with some very quick introduction videos for the new characters which have been recorded off of a system and put online for all of us to witness.


The assumption is that Nintendo were waiting until E3 to reveal this pair of new characters but a simple stuff up has lead to the news being leaked early and although I’m sure the juggernaut video game company have already fired whoever it was that caused this, we as fans of gaming are in our absolute element because, as I mentioned above; there’s nothing like a news leak to raise the spirits of the masses.

People have been waiting for some new character announcements and I very much understand that fans of Fire Emblem and of older Super Smash Bros. titles were very disappointed when Roy was not made a part of the new roster. Those fans now have a reason to be incredibly happy and so do those who’ve been waiting for a character like Street Fighter’s Ryu to make his SSB debut.

As a part of the update, a Splatoon trophy portraying the Inkling Girl was also seen to be added to the game alongside a brand-new stage titled Dreamland 64. Nintendo have already stated that they will be hosting a livestream event to discuss addition content for the game and it is set to air this Sunday. Surely at some point in time throughout that event the company will officially confirm these two characters, if not during the livestream you can bet your bottom dollar that something will be said during E3…surely, right?

Anyway, enough out of me. I know what you’re all here to see and it’s the videos I’ve been talking about this whole time, so without further adieu…

Ryu – Street Fighter:

Roy – Fire Emblem:


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