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Leading Man Cast For Takashi Miike’s Live-Action Terra Formars Film

Hideaki-Ito-Photoshoot-image-01Let’s think back for a hot minute: When was the last time any news broke about the upcoming live-action adaptation of Yu Sasuga and Kenichi Tachibana’s hit Manga Terra Formars? I think the last time we heard anything about this movie was all the way back when it was actually announced. That was a few months ago at this point in time but today we’ve been given a little bit more information on this exciting new movie and it comes in the form of the very first confirmed cast member.

If you don’t know what Terra Formars is…please stop reading this article and go do your research. It’s crazy that you wouldn’t know about this incredible Manga and it’s less-than-incredible Anime adaptation so I’m just going to assume that you do. Well a while back it was announced that legendary Japanese director Takashi Miike – famous for movies like Ace Attorney, Ichi The Killer, and Crows Zero – has started with the early production stages of his very own live-action adaptation about the trained killers who’re sent to Mars to do some pretty serious exterminating.

Apart from that this film may one day be released, we actually no nothing else…until today. Just announced was the leading man for the new film and it’s none other than Mr. Hideaki Ito who, if you’re a fan of Japanese film, you’ll know is one hell of a good actor. He will be playing one of the series’ main protagonists, a stinger by the name of Shokichi Komachi who was one of the first of the series to experience the might of the Terra Formars first hand and lived to return to Earth…then to return to Mars to face off against them a second time. Read the Manga would you!?

Shokichi-Komachi-Terra-Formars-Manga-Scan-01Sources say Ito wasn’t too excited to play this role until he was told that the film would be directed by Takashi Miike whom he, alongside everyone else in the industry, knows produces some fantastic cinematic experiences, though works himself and his cast and crew to the very bone. In fact, it seems as though all involved in this film, in one way or another, are in high spirits thanks to the fact that Miike is indeed spearheading the entire production. Story writer for the original Manga Yu Sasuga stated that he too was worried about the outcome of the film until it was announced that Takashi Miike was on board.

Apart from all this, there’s nothing else to be said about this production. We don’t know when it will start filming, we don’t know when it’s going to get a release, we don’t know the rest of the cast, we only know this which is somewhat exciting because it leaves the pop culture world in a state of eager anticipation of what’s to come next. I, for one, cannot wait for this movie to be released. I need to see some cockroach-killing action on the big screen and I need it now!


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