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Latest Chapter Of “One Piece” Pays Tribute To Fellow Shonen Jump Series “Naruto”


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The long-running Shonen Jump series “Naruto” has finally…come to an end. “Goodbye, old friend!” says fans the world over as the final chapter gets released over in Japan but just because it’s yet to be released in the West doesn’t mean fanatics don’t have their ways of finding themselves a readable copy. Legal or…otherwise.

Released in the same issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump is the latest chapter of another critically-acclaimed, long-running Manga series called, as you may already have guessed, “One Piece”. Now it’s known that all Mangaka share a sibling-like bond. Some more than others, obviously, but none like the one between Masashi Kishimoto and Eiichiro Oda.

How do I know they’re close? Well, just look at the latest chapter of “One Piece” where the title page is one huge tribute to the now-finished Ninja series. Oda packed in just about as much “Naruto” content into the title page of chapter 766 as he could and it warms the heart.

Be it Nami’s “Konohagakure-ispired” dress, the bipedal fox serving them their meal, or the figure of what looks to be a certain young ninja hidden behind the young lady’s curvacious body, every single square inch of this image speaks volumes about the relationship between two industry greats such as these.

Like Mr. Oda and the rest of the “Naruto” fans out there, we here at SnapThirty say; “So long, buddy. We’ll remember you for the good times and try hard to forget about the bad. You’ve inspired a generation of artists, writers and hopefuls, and you’ll continue to do so long into the future. Whether or not you know it.”


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