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Kuroko’s Basketball, Yowamushi Pedal and More Announced by Madman at SMASH! Yes, You Read That Right


Brace yourselves sports anime fans, Madman just made a colossal slew announcements during SMASH! con at Rose Hill Gardens in Sydney.

The Australian anime industry’s number one distributor announced the long anticipated and fan requested Kuroko’s Basketball and Yowamushi Pedal.

It is truly the era of the sports anime and following Madman’s release and subsequent streaming of Haikyu on AnimeLab, it has proven that series like this do have a place in the West and fans that will support it.

This is a particularly special announcement considering that both series have not been released anywhere else in the world in English and no plans appear to be in place outside of Australia for a Western release, making these releases the first of their kind.


On top of those two massive title announcements, Madman also announced that they had acquired the rights to all seasons of To-Love Ru and Amagi Brilliant Park. Both To-Love Ru and Amagi Brilliant Park look set to hit AnimeLab for streaming as well as physical mediums.

These are some huge announcements from Madman to say the very least. Now if only they would license Inazuma Eleven, Slam Dunk, Captain Tsubasa, Prince of Tennis, Eyeshield 21, Cross Game, Ace of Diamond, Hajime no Ippo, Giant Killing and just for kicks Ginga e Kickoff!! Now that would be enough to satisfy a sports anime fan.


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