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Kuroko’s Basketball Season 3 Announced for 2015!

kurokos-basketball-season-3Kuroko’s Basketball will be shooting for a 3-pointer with a third season of the wildly popular sports anime series confirmed in the upcoming issue of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. Now that is what I’d call a slam dunk!

The popular basketball anime will return for its third season in 2015. No specific date in 2015 has been set at the time of posting but more details on that are sure to come to light in the future.

To celebrate the third season of Kuroko’s Basketball, Shueisha will be holding a ‘Kurobas Festival’ in Japan for fans of the series. The third season will follow the continued journey of the Seirin High basketball team as they hit the hardwood once again.

Stay tuned for further details on the third season of Kuroko’s Basketball as news on it shoots through.

Until then, enjoy the iconic opening theme of the first season of the series ‘Can Do!’ by GRANRODEO.


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