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Kuroko’s Basketball heading to the bench, manga coming to an end?

kuroko-basketball-endingRumours are running wild all over the Kuroko’s Basketball fandom with a leaked announcement from next week’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine apparently revealing that the series is ending in that issue.

Now it must be said that while there is images to support these claims, such as a color cover page for the series in next week’s issue leaking online. But one must beg the question, if the series is ending next week, why are we only finding out now?

In the past when bigger manga series are heading towards their conclusion an announcement of that ending is usually made in advance, likely to drive sales of the finale issue. Such was not the case here.

So is Kuroko heading to the bench indefinitely or will he be hitting the hardwood again? Right now it is too soon to say, but it goes without saying that next week’s issue of Weekly Shonen Jump will definitely spread some light on the matter. Until then, stay tuned for further updates or just post an emotional rant on tumblr alongside a collage of fan-made yaoi art for the series. Both options apply to the situation quite nicely.


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