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Kojima Productions Reveals New Game “Death Stranding”, World Confused By Trailer


A naked man wakes up on a beach connected by the navel to an infant who, like himself, is also entirely exposed. What connects them is an artificial umbilical cord, but when the man decides to shelter the child from the harsh elements, both it and the cord disappear, leaving only pitch-black oil in it’s place. The man stands and looks out into the horizon, on the sand around him lies the corpses of a thousand sea creatures, but above him are what look to be five levitating humanoids who seemingly phase out of existence as the man notices them.

You’re utterly confused by this aren’t you, reader? Yeah, so is everyone else. What I’ve just re-told is Kojima Production’s premier trailer for their upcoming video game project; “Death Stranding“, which was revealed as a part of this year’s Electronics Entertainment Expo, known to many simply as “E3“.

This new game lead by the genius mind of Hideo Kojima and his crack team of developers will star Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead fame who was set to work alongside both Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro for a previous project that you may know as Silent Hills. Now that game has been cancelled, and it’s development crumbled, but it seems as though Reedus still wanted to work alongside Kojima and his crew.

The reveal trailer for Death Stranding is one that has both confused and intrigued audiences around the world. It looks as though it will be as cinematic as Kojima’s previous video game series Metal Gear, and it also looks as though it’s going to be just as intricate. As per the norm, reveal trailers often do not show audiences TOO much of what the game in question has to offer, but the one for Death Stranding is something in a league of it’s very own.

I truly wish there was more to say about this trailer and about the game as a whole…but I can’t, nobody can, not at this point in time. Fact is; we have a reveal trailer, and we have a lot of time to speculate about the setting, themes, and overall story of this upcoming game. If you’ve done the nice thing and read through this whole article without having skipped directly to the trailer; thank you, but it’s now time for you to experience this trailer for yourself, luckily I have provided it for you just below.


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