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Koei Tecmo Releases Three Gameplay Trailers For Upcoming Attack On Titan Game


It’s the game all, if not most, Anime fans have been waiting on for quite some time. Up until this point in time we’ve gotten a few teaser trailers, batches of screenshots, countless pieces of information, but no good gameplay trailers like the ones that have been released today. Well, these aren’t so much “gameplay trailers” as they are informative videos detailing the deep gameplay mechanics of the upcoming PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita action title.

It looks as though Omega Force, the developers behind the new title, have gone above and beyond to make this game as realistic as humanly possible, that is…in accordance to the series. The omni-directional manoeuvre gear physics seem tight and somewhat easy to use, and the titanic take-downs can almost be felt without even having played the game. Chances are, this new Attack On Titan game is going to be one that will be remembered for quite some time to come, just like the series!

Three videos were released by Koei Tecmo: The first gives audiences a look at the basics of battle, the second shows us what it would be like to partner up with another player, and the final gives watchers a glimpse into hell with the “Elite Play” mode. Though it’s all in Japanese, the videos aren’t too hard to comprehend.

The Attack On Titan game by Koei Tecmo is set to hit Japan on the 18th of February, with a Western release to come about sometime later in 2016.


Partner System:

Elite Play:


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