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Kenka Bancho 6: Soul & Blood – First Trailer And Story Info Released

Kenka-Bancho-6-Soul-and-Blood-Official-Website-Image-01Yosha! This is what I’ve been waiting for! Last week it was anounced that a brand-new ‘Kenka Bancho’ video game title by Spike Chunsoft is set to be released on the Nintendo 3DS sometime in the near future and fans of the series the world over threw up their bloody hands in an act of pure excitement. This week, today to be specific, Spike Chunsoft has officially opened up the website for the game and with this comes the games very first trailer as well as a story synopsis alongside some of it’s more interesting features.

The trailer, though incredibly short, is good enough to get any true fans heart racing and features everything that made the series popular but with what looks to be a whole bunch more, including upgraded graphics and a new style of cell-shaded cutscene made to look like the pages of a Manga. There’s still been no word on a release date for Japan or otherwise, but Western fans are still hoping that we get lucky enough for the game to be localized and brought to local shores for us all to enjoy. Throw us a bone, Spike Chunsoft! Bring me ‘Kenka Bancho’! Make sure you check out the official website by Clicking Here.


In Hanagasaki, there lies a private school that houses only the worst delinquents around, Kukijima High School. Its general education building in ruin and its industrial arts building surrounded by barbed wire not unlike a prison, Kukijima is an unsightly place to learn, one that, thanks in no small part to local legends, practically feels out of this world.

Countless troublemakers of renowned reputation passed through Kukijima’s doors, fighting to come out on top of all of the others as the strongest one of them all. And yet not one of them ever did it. Embroiled in chaos both inside and outside campus, the students had no boss to put them in their place and bring order to their lives…Until Ryuuji Katagiri came along, that is. In the span of just one year, Ryuuji Katagiri was able to bring Kukijima under his control and with it, the school has seen the last two years full of that peace and order it so desperately needed. Truly, he was a bancho among banchos. As a new school year begins in the springtime under Ryuuji’s auspicies, another wave of new delinquents enter Kukijima.

Among them is Daigo Asahina, a young man who sticks out among the crowd of newcomers. Though he always appears expressionless, beneath it all, he bears eyes that fundamentally detest the school’s current order. A brutally violent air hangs about him, the sort of guy who wouldn’t hesitate to attack others in the blink of an eye. His entry into the school signals the coming of a new storm that will befall the school, one that has him sitting in the very center of it. A turbulent age awaits Kukijima once Ryuuji and Daigo meet, one that threatens to swallow up the entire school and bring it into a new era of darkness. – Kenka Bancho 6: Soul & Blood Official Website

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