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Keep Friends Close And Enemies Closer – “Lost Dimension” Is Headed To The West


The act of betrayal is as old as history itself. It dates all the way back to the time of Jesus Christ who was put to death thanks to the greedy nature of someone he considered quite a close friend. It’s no surprise that an act as dastardly as this has lasted so long and it seems as though the higher up the social ladder you climb the more likely it is to happen to you, or vice versa.

The upcoming tactical RPG “Lost Dimension” knows about this all too well. Announced over night, this critically-acclaimed psychic-fueled title will be making it’s way across the pond to but the Americas and Europe alongside Australia and New Zealand. In the Americas, ATLUS will be handling the distribution but in Europe it will be NIS America who will be in charge. This interesting little title will have you fill the shoes of a psychic user who’s part of the team I mentioned just above.

The crazy thing about this game that may eventually come to bite you in the arse is that, systematically, you’re to accuse one of your fellow fighters of being a traitor and then execute them. This means the people that you fight with may be the ones helping to fuel the apocalypse which, in turn, may mean they’re people you’ll have to kill. “Lost Dimension” has been getting some incredible review scores over in Japan where it has already been released and I can’t help but think Western audiences will look at it in a similar light. It’s a good thing the game is meant to hit local shores so we can all decide for ourselves. Gear up for “Lost Dimension” which is locked in for a release later this year on both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.


To subdue the threat The End poses to the entire planet, several countries create a special forces group called SEALED, which is comprised of eleven psychics with superhuman abilities. Each soldier has their own talents and skillsets to use in combat, which can be expanded after gaining enough experience in the field.

Bonds of friendship will form amongst the members of SEALED, but be mindful of which allies to keep close, as The End mandates the player must begin eliminating teammates. Make sure to accuse the right teammate of being a traitor though – once the final battle with The End begins any remaining traitors will fight the main character alongside him. – NIS America


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