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Keep Friends Close And Enemies Closer – Lost Dimension Hits Australia/New Zealand In August


In Francis Ford Coppola’s film sequel The Godfather: Part II, Al Pacino’s character Michael Corleone speaks the all so true words “keep your friends close and your enemies closer“. This saying has been passed down throughout recent history as something of a mystical saying, often being attributed to military strategist Sun Tzu who you may know wrote the book The Art Of War.

This…is not true. It is simply a line from the movie The Godfather and although it is only this, it does indeed have some worldly truth. In the upcoming tactical RPG Lost Dimension players will fill the shoes of a psychic working within a sub-government agency called S.H.E.I.L.D whose only goal is Earthly defence from enemies of immeasurable power. Too bad one of your very own teammates is a traitor, too bad you don’t know which one.

The upcoming PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita title developed by Lancarse and published by NIS America, is one of the more exciting video games of this year thanks to its interesting gameplay that, mixes both action, RPG and strategy, but moreso to the mysterious nature of the protagonists, most of which you’ll have to accuse and kill for the sake of Earth’s safety. This game already has a great deal of hype surrounding it but it’s about to get even greater now that it’s announced to be hitting Australian and New Zealand shelves this August.


NIS America, thanks to their friends at Namco Bandai Games Australia, will be bringing this game “down under” in both it’s physical and digital formats. On the 27th of August this game will be hitting local shelves and us Australian and New Zealand gamers will be able to feel what it would be like to possess incredible psychic power. We’ll also be able to experience the terror of not being able to trust your comrades and close friends, something no-one should ever have to go through.

If I havn’t gotten you convinced, why not check out the video below? It features the opening movie from the game which, while not telling you much about what’s to come in the game, will definitely get you excited for it. Check it out!

Key Features:

A Cataclysmic Whodunnit! – Not only will players have to keep their eyes focused on strategically defeating the enemies laying in wait on the field of combat, but they need to carefully watch party members’ tendencies in order to expose the traitor. At the end of every floor, players will be forced to vote and eliminate one of their trusted allies, and the consequences for choosing incorrectly could be dire…

Spoiler-Free Zone – In addition to a variety of game mechanics to help assess teammate loyalty, Lost Dimension‘s traitor system is randomly determined, assuring that no two players will be faced with the same playthrough. Sorry, kiddies, but it’s impossible to look up the answers this time around.

Psychic Warlords Each character in the party is a master of a different sphere of powers. There’s the girl who controls molecular behavior to burn or freeze anything/anyone in her path. There’s the guy who can teleport all around (also with the bonus superpower of being satisfyingly cocky). And there’s even someone with an identity crisis because all he knows how to do is steal everyone else’s powers!

Keep Your Friends Close… – In between battles, players will have the option to chat with teammates and develop closer bonds with them. Juggling these friendships and keeping track of who participates in battle will be the key to sussing out the traitors and assuring that, by the time you reach The End, it won’t be… the end… for you and your allies!


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