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Kamen Rider Drive D-Solid Heroes Figure Unboxing and Review [Rare Figure]


During my stay in Japan I became pretty fascinated with this wild TV series called Kamen Rider Drive. It is basically about this guy ‘Kamen Rider’ who drives a motor bike and a car and a flying motor bike car and just generally kicks all kind of ass. While I didn’t exactly understand the show I developed a love for it.

Now back home in Australia I’ve got my hands on a rare Kamen Rider Drive model (D-Solid Heroes Series Type Speed) that was released exclusively in arcades across Japan in Crane Games. How did I get my hands on this rare model you ask? 20 bucks and a stop in at my local Hobbyco, of course!

I decided to film my unboxing of this rare Kamen Rider Drive model and give it a good ole’ SnapThirty review for your viewing pleasure. Check out the video below and if you can please explain how to put on the plastic bit that would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


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