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Kakashi’s Face Finally Revealed And It’s Just As Handsome As We Thought!


The day has finally come. It has finally come! Surely this means the apocalypse is on the horizon because I never imagined we’d ever see this. Ever! If the title of the article didn’t already give it away, allow me to catch you up to speed: Naruto is a very popular Shonen Anime and Manga that has only recently finished. Wait, no, the Anime is still going…it’s the Manga that’s finished! Wait, no, another Manga series just started, it’s the long line of Naruto movies that have finally finished! Wait, no, there’s actually still one more movie to be released. Has Naruto not ended? Because it just kind of sounds like Naruto still hasn’t ended! Anyway, that’s besides the point right now.

Kakashi Hatake is a character who’s been in the series ever since the first few chapters. He was the man that trained the titular character alongside two of his close friends/enemies and basically made him what he is today: The saviour of the known world. Yes, there were a few mentor-types in between that helped push him forward but Naruto would have been nothing if it wasn’t for Kakashi’s stern but effective bell-catching training.

The man has always been a little bit of an enigma. Not only his he just overly mysterious but he’s worn this damn mask ever since he was first introduced so nobody really knew what he looked like beneath it. I always thought he’d be very handsome and today my thoughts have been confirmed. A handful of days ago, a little rumour was circulating the web regarding the reveal of Kakashi’s face at a Naruto exhibition over in Japan. A small guidebook was handed out to all event-goers that featured a little Manga chapter about Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and a mysterious Ninja reporter trying to get a peak at ol’ Kakashi’s actual face.


Now that the exhibition has started, people have begun posting pictures of this small chapter all over the internet revealing not only Kakashi’s face but the whole storyline about the sneaky reporter. It turns out this this mysterious Shinobi journalist who has only every appeared in this event chapter was actually Kakashi himself in disguise to play a trick on his team.

At the very end of the chapter when none of the them could get the Shadow Clone Kakashi to reveal his face, they head home for the day with their tail between their legs and sadness in their hearts. We then follow the reporter as he too heads home for a night of relaxing and thought. He heads to the sink, washes his face, and reveals that…he was Kakashi the whole damn time! Pretty clever, old man, pretty clever indeed!

I get it, people. You don’t want to have to read about all this right now…you just want to see the picture right? See, I totally understand that but I need you to understand that, as a writer, sometimes some pandering does a little good. Because I’m so nice though and because I assume that you will indeed sit here and read the entire article, I’ll cut it short and direct you to the image that depicts Kakashi Hatake’s actual face…Enjoy!

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