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Kaiyodo Previews Blood Blockade Battlefront Revolmini Figures

Blood-Blockade-Battlefront-FUNimation-Promotional-Banner-01Every once in a while, an Anime like Blood Blockade Battlefront comes along and takes your breath away with things like incredible animation, an addictive soundtrack, a compelling storyline, and some incredibly likeable characters. With any series that features such charismatic and unique characters, those who watch it will quickly discover which of the cast is their favorite.

With Blood Blockade Battlefront it’s almost impossible to find yourself a preferred character simply because each and every one of them gives you a reason to be loved. Now as a true Japanese pop culture fan you cannot simply SAY you like a certain character, you must SHOW it, and that’s when you start searching for some merchandise to get your hands on. Well Blood Blockade Battlefront has only recently reached high levels of popularity thanks to the new Anime adaptation so there hasn’t really been anything in terms of purchasable merchandise…until now.

Blood-Blockade-Battlefront-cover-cropped-02 Japanese figurine manufacturer Kaiyodo has been posting some exciting Tweets lately that happen to feature images of the first real Blood Blockade Battlefront figurines to be produced. Two Revolmini figures were shown through these Tweets; one is Libra’s fearless leader Klaus Von Reinherz and the other is the rambunctious Zapp Renfro. These figures, both of which are the size of a can of drink, are exactly like your average Revoltech item meaning you can pose them in amazing ways without breaking them or greatly affecting their stability. The only difference is that they’re pretty small, which is fine for now because, let’s be honest; any Blood Blockade Battlefront merchandise will do!

These Revolmini figures have not been slapped with a release date as of right now but I sure hope we get some release confirmation sooner rather than later. I cannot wait for them to be released but even more I cannot wait for MORE Blood Blockade Battlefront merchandise to hit the shelves!


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