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Junji Ito Takes On The Pokemon World For Halloween


Pokemon is a franchise marketed at young boys and girls but enjoyed by an older crowd. Most aspects of Pokemon come off as sett and innocent but a little extra reading will inform you on the dark layer of information that sits just below the soft, fluffy surface. For years the older fans of the franchise have looked into things like a Pokemon’s Pokedex entry only to concoct some sort of disturbing and mind-boggling piece of lore. Some of these Poke-theorists, as I’ll call them, seem a little ‘out there’ but others, well…they make a compelling argument. The most horrific Pokemon seem to be, without a doubt, that of the Ghost and Psychic-types.

Each of them carries a mask that used to be its face when it was human. Sometimes they look at it and cry. – Yamask (Pokemon Black)

Halloween is generally the spookiest time of the year for most people. For me, it’s Christmas. Spending all that time with your family…ugh, shivers just shot down my spine. Big companies and franchises like to get a little playful around this time of the year and Pokemon has to be one of the biggest proponents of making the day as fun as possible. This year The Pokemon Company have began distributing a Shiny Mega Gengar which Pokefans are super excited about BUT there’s something else they have planned, something that was just announced over the weekend, something that has already scared the pants off of me. Though, I’m not one to wear pants anyway.

The Pokemon Company and legendary horror Mangaka Junji Ito are coming together to make Pokemon as scary as humanly possible. Junji Ito, famous for series’ like ‘Uzumaki’ and ‘Gyo’, is a man with a twisted mind which makes him a perfect horror writer. Now pay attention as he destroys Ghost-type Pokemon for you once and for all with his series of twisted takes on the Pokemon we all know and love. From what the Japanese site explains; Junji Ito will be working on a bunch of illustrations spotlighting Ghost-type Pokemon which I believe will also be a part of some sort of short horror Manga.

One such image has been released so far with the Japanese website offering it up as an iPhone wallpaper for those out there with enough guts to display this disturbing image in public. The picture, which I’ve provided for you below, is of a young lady being followed by a Bannette; one of the truly scary Ghost-types out there. This is not it though, there’s plenty more to come from Junji Ito and you can bet we’ll have it here on the site once it is released. For now…enjoy your sleep. (Make sure to re-read this article before bed so that last line works properly).


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