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Tokyo Tower, Asakusa, Mt Fuji, Mt Hakone and LAWSON Travelogue


SnapThirty’s Luke Halliday recorded his journey over a span of two weeks time as he traveled from East to West of Japan. His trip begins in current capital city Tokyo and his final destination is the former capital of Kyoto. This is his Journey to the West… of Japan.

Welcome one and all to my Journey to the West (Of Japan), a video series which will cover my travels across Japan from East to West. Featured in dozens of anime, manga and Japanese films, Tokyo Tower is globally renowned as a spirit of Japan’s ingenuity, Luke and Suz hit up the tower for a sublime panoramic view of Tokyo. Next up is Asakusa which is a popular tourist destination in Tokyo and it is generally on every tour brochure you’ll ever see of Japan, so we took to the streets to find out what makes Asakusa so special. But the fun doesn’t stop there, Luke and Suz then head to Mt Fuji and Mt Hakone to tackle two parts of Japan’s famed triple volcano. Also they check out the Japanese convenience store LAWSON which is pretty radical in and of itself. Check out all of these adventures and more in the episodes below:

#13 Tokyo Tower, Tea Ceremony and JoJo’s Bizarre Coffee

#14 Asakusa Kannon Temple and Marketplace

BONUS: Asakusa Marketplace Walk Through Uncut

#15 Mt. Fuji, Sumida River Cruise and Fuji’s Summit

#16 Mt. Hakone, Black Eggs, Ropeway and Sailing on a Pirate Ship

BONUS: Exploring LAWSON, A Japanese Convenience Store

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