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Ikebukuro, Pokemon Center, J-World Tokyo and Shibuya Travelogue


SnapThirty’s Luke Halliday recorded his journey over a span of two weeks time as he traveled from East to West of Japan. His trip begins in current capital city Tokyo and his final destination is the former capital of Kyoto. This is his Journey to the West… of Japan.

Welcome one and all to my Journey to the West (Of Japan), a video series which will cover my travels across Japan from East to West. Having watched the anime series Durarara!! it was a given that I’d want to see how the real world Ikebukuro stacks up to its anime counterpart. To our pleasant surprise Ikebukuro is also home to Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo and a Shonen Jump theme park by the name of J-WORLD TOKYO. We wrapped up the day with a visit to Shibuya to check out the Hachiko statue and the scramble crossing. You can check out the four episodes below covering my trip to Ikebukuro and Shibuya:

#9 Ikebukuro, Sunshine City and Idol Hand-Shaking Event

#10 Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo

#11 J-WORLD TOKYO, Shonen Jump Theme Park

#12 Shibuya, Hachiko Statue and Scramble Crossing

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