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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders – Iggy’s Voice Actress Revealed


Surely by this point in time you’ve read, watched or even heard about the long-running Shonen series’ JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’. Now I’ve you’re a big fan of the site and are constantly reading our articles or listening to our podcasts, you’ll know that we at SnapThirty have a serious love-hate relationship with the work of Hirohiko Araki. It was only about a month or so ago that the first half of the ‘Stardust Crusaders’ Anime adaptation ended but it shall return sometime in the next year.

Slated to be introduced in the very first episode of the next cour, of which there is to be a complete four, is a character close to each of our hearts; a little dog named Iggy. Named after Iggy Pop and not the Australian musical sensation Iggy Azalea, this dog believes himself stronger than even Jotaro, or so we’re told. This Boston Terrier is so strong, in fact, he even has himself a Stand by the name of The Fool.

Well now Iggy has more than just a Stand and an attitude, he’s got a voice actor and it’s one that I’m sure you’re all aware of. Misato Fukuen is her name and you may know her from shows like ‘Yozakura Quartet’, ‘Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood’, ‘Black Cat’, dang! The list just goes on and on! Looking at Iggy then looking at his voice actor, it is clear that miss Fukuen was NOT chosen because of similarities…wow, this dog is just horrendous looking.

Hopefully Iggy will be appearing in his more ‘Shonen-looking’ appearance which is something that is necessary because his older design is truly the stuff of nightmares. I’m looking forward to the upcoming season, Luke is looking forward to the upcoming season, Kane is looking forward to the upcoming season, and so should you! “Who dat? What dat? I-I-I-G-G-Y!”, says Iggy as he leaps out of the helicopter to attack Polnareff. I can’t wait for that!


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