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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes Of Heaven – Joseph Joestar Character Battle Trailer Released


Tank top, check. Headband, check. Loose, flowing scarf…double check. Well damn, now you’re looking like Joseph Joestar! Bandai Namco Entertainment, to celebrate the upcoming release of their newest JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure fighting title Eyes Of Heaven, are periodically releasing different, character-specific gameplay trailers to show audiences just who they’ll be able to play as once the new game comes out and, of course, simply to build hype. The list so far is; Jonathan Joestar, Robert E.O. Speedwagon, Jotaro Kujo, Okuyasu Nijimura, and Bruno Buccellati, with the newest addition to the short but growing list being none other than Battle Tendency’s protagonist; Joseph Joestar.

Oh my God! The masterful Ripple user has returned for Eyes Of Heaven stronger and more flamboyant than he’s ever been before! Whether he’s using his faithful tommy gun, his Cracker Volley technique, or the Ripple as a whole, chances are…it’s going to mean a bed time for anyone going head-to-head with this slab of man meat. Strong enough to survive the Pillar Men onslaught as a youngster, Joseph Joestar has had many years to hone his skills and inevitably become senile, but you wont have to deal with Old Man Joseph for this video, Bandai Namco Entertainment have decided that, for now at least, we all need the chance to appreciate the “#ForeverYoung” Joseph Joestar before we move on to his older self.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes Of Heaven hit’s the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 across Japan on the 17th of December this year, with a Western release to come sometime after that…we hope. It doesn’t matter though, because we’ve got ourselves some cool videos to watch, which is what I urge you to do…now!


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