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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable Live Action Movie Teaser Revealed

The gang behind the Diamond Is Unbreakable live action movie have done a wonderful job of revealing a steady stream of teaser images after the last episode of the anime last December. This was through images of the actors dressed up in their fabulous attire. Now we hit the apex teaser as a teaser trailer was recently streamed for the movie.

The trailer opens with a picturesque view of Morioh, before showing Josuke walking towards the camera. Following Josuke knocking a ne’er-do-wells teeth out, there is a quick flash of images regarding the movie, which is following the ‘Hunt For The Arrow’ Ark. Important images shown include:


Josuke in Archery class

He believes in being the best there is at what he does, archery.


Josuke visiting the Gate museum.

The gate museum has a 100% success rate of people not getting stabbed in the neck.


Josuke NOT doing the god damn dishes.

Seriously, all that water around cannot be good for your health.


Jotaro… Smiling?

He is probably thinking about Starfish, or squids, or something.


Finally, Josuke’s archery instructor.

The house is so dirty because of all the archery.

The film has finished on location shooting in Spain and has a few left to do in Japan. The film is slated for an August 4th release in Japan and is looking well on its way. The only worry is the fact that we have not seen any Stands yet… Well I mean I have, can you guys see them?


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