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JFF Encore – Revisting Japan’s Finest Films

jff-encore-logoThis past week, Sydney-siders were lucky enough to get a gander at the Japan Foundation’s Japanese Film Festival Encore showings, or more simply known as JFF Encore. The theme of this special event was the Japanese Academy Awards, meaning that each film screening as part of JFF Encore was at one point in time a recipient of the prestigious Academy Award for Best Film.

JFF Encore took place at Event Cinemas on George St in Sydney, showcased were a plethora of incredible films all of which highlighted the diverse styles that are a trademark of Japanese cinema. Whether it be emotional drama, feel-good family comedies or intellectual explorations of the very fabric of societal structures, there was a bit of everything on show here and it truly goes to show how remarkably deep the creative well is in Japan for film.

All of the films on show here have been a part of the main Japanese Film Festival over the years and received a second showing as part of the Encore event. On show were the following award-winning films:

  • When the Last Sword Was Drawn
  • Tokyo Tower – Mom and Me, and Sometimes Dad
  • The Kirishima Thing
  • Confessions
  • Rebirth
  • Key of Life
  • Departures
  • Always~ Sunset on Third Street

While it is unknown at this time whether we can expect JFF Encore events in the future which would give Japanese cinema fans a second chance to see the films that they love, we approached Japan Foundation’s Jessica Chow for comment and she had the following to say:

“JFF Encore received a warm response and we’d love to add it to our annual event calendar. But right now the JFF Team is getting ready for the main JFF which is expanding even further this year. So be on the lookout for our official announcement in August.”

I for one am optimistic that the event should become a mainstay, but for now nothing is set in stone. As we lead into the 18th annual Japanese Film Festival, the speculation now as always begins as to what films we be a part of the event this year.

Needless to say, JFF Encore was a resounding success with hundreds of cinema goers rocking up to catch a glimpse into some of Japan’s greatest films ever made. You can check out our complete review coverage of the films from JFF Encore here.

Be sure to let us know what you think of the concept of JFF Encore and if you yourself enjoyed the event by leaving a comment below. Stay tuned for more information on the 18th Japanese Film Festival as news on that surfaces.

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