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Japanese Release Date Announced For “Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness”


“Psycho-Pass” is a fantastically huge series that, over time, has built up one hell of a following. Despite the second season of the Anime being developed by a brand-new team and despite how little people the world over have been enjoying it, it’s still one of the more highly-revered dark science-fiction stories of more recent times.

With a movie on the way written by the man who made the first series as good as it was, Gen Urobuchi, and a constant stream of merchandise being developed and released month after month, it’s only natural that this series would eventually spawn a video game.

“Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness” is the name of that particular video game and it is, in fact, the first ever home console video game based on the series to be developed. What’s strange about this game is that it’s coming out exclusively on the Xbox One; a system that is well-known for being…less than sought after in Japan.

“Mandatory Happiness” is being developed by the Visual Novel juggernaut 5pb. which is known for title like “Steins;Gate”, “Chaos;Head”, as well as so many others. Well over the weekend the great developer announced that the new game will be getting a release across Japan on the 28th of May this year. That’s not too far away!

Also announced were a couple primo pre-order exclusives that come in the form of two “Dive To Psycho-Pass” Blu-Rays and a series-themed Xbox One Decal. Now for those of you who don’t know what “Dive To Psycho-Pass” is, it WAS an event that took place over in Japan in both the Winter and the Summer.

The two Blu-Ray discs pre-orderers will get with their game will show footage from both the Winter and the Summer events depending on which edition of the game it is that they pre-order. Hopefully, against all odds, “Mandatory Happiness” will help boost sales of the Xbox One over in Japan and prove popular enough to make it over here to the West. Fingers crossed!



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