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Japan Is Hosting The Very First Amiibo-Only Super Smash Bros. Tournament


Do you remember, reader, there was a special little Amiibo that was put into an official Super Smash Bros. for Wii U tournament late last year that absolutely dominated most actual players it came across? You should, it was some pretty hefty news and wildly startling. Waveshine, the Fox Amiibo, made it all the way to the Losers Semi-Finals only to then be beaten by a clearly superior human play.

Fact is; this little figurine fought in place of its owner and shocked the entire tournament by proving to be so much better than expected. I’m sure, if you’ve got an Amiibo, you’ve gone up against it and I’m sure, if you’ve levelled it up enough, you sometimes simply cannot stand a chance against it. If you think your Amiibo is unbeatable, which I’m sure some of you do, than pack all your stuff up and move yourself on over to Japan before the 14th of the month because the great country will be hosting the very first Amiibo-only Super Smash Bros. tournament.

If there’s anyway to show the general population just how amazing having an Amiibo can be…it’s with this tournament. Apparently Nintendo don’t think their Amiibo sales are as high as they should be and this string of Amiibo-only tournaments is supposed to boost hype for the figurines and, in turn, boost sales. Now I don’t think anyone reading this is thinking that the Amiibos aren’t popular, in fact, I guarantee you’re making faces while reading this and they’re entirely justified because, let’s face it, Amiibos are the bomb and everybody knows it.

Like any huge corperation, Nintendo are just looking to make more money than they already have and to continue expanding…which is actually fine, so long as they keep doing the awesome things they have been. So, if you’re a resident of Japan and live close to a participating toy store or video game retailer than get your butt down there and throw down. If I did, I’d be bringing my Megaman Amiibo “Broton”, unfortunately I don’t live in Japan and unfortunately…he ain’t that strong. Bummer.



    • Frank Inglese says

      It’s going to be so great!

      You use an Amiibo, Prof?

      • I have one, have yet to start Smash Bros as I’ve other things taking up my time. I’m gonna train my Captain Falcon to only knee and taunt, it will be glorious.

      • Frank Inglese says

        That’s an amazing battle strategy!

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