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Japan Cracks Down On Illegal Distributors With The Anime and Manga Anti-Piracy Initiative


This may be a screenshot from the latest Daft Punk music video…I’m not too sure…

The internet is a wonderful tool, one that fortunate enough people can utilize in many different ways, many of which has proven to make life much easier for individuals across globe. It is an invisible force that connects the world and, for the most part, it is used for good rather than evil but sometimes, well…sometimes people abuse what they have instead of appreciating it for what it is. Piracy is a huge contemporary issue that seems to plague this generation moreso than any other before. Publishers are distributing their products digitally now so you can watch the latest episodes of your favorite shows or listen to the most recent albums of your desired artists without even getting out of your chair. This is fantastic, but it seems like a bunch of people tend to want more than that…they want it for free. This is where the theoretical problem of new-age piracy becomes a reality.

Anime and Manga, one of Japan’s biggest industries, is by far the most affected by digital banditry and the government have recently come out and basically said “enough is enough”, with the announcement of a new plan to eliminate the industry’s piracy problem once and for all. Team up with a whole bunch of production companies and publishers, the Japanese government’s plan revolves around killing off as many illegal distribution sites as they possibly can, with an estimated number currently being 580. That’s a lot of wrong-doers to take down but the government has a high level of confidence and enough resources to get the job thoroughly done. It is apparent that China is the biggest culprit for illegal Anime and Manga distribution, and are now under the careful watch of the Japanese government as one of their first targets.

From the amount of people heading to these Chinese sites daily, the industry counted a loss of US$5.5 billion last year alone. That’s a staggering amount of money. I can even dream of earning that much money in my lifetime. This plan will kick off on the 1st of August which is but a few days away. If you’re guilty of downloading illegally distributed Anime episodes or Manga chapters, there are plenty of legal places you can get your fix. It’s places like Crunchyroll, AnimeLab and Daisuki that allow you to watch your favorite shows as soon as they’re released in Japan. For a few bucks a month (some of these places don’t even charge) you could be filling your life with Japanese Pop Culture and you can say “Goodbye!” to piracy forever! It’s just something to think about, something the Japanese government doesn’t take too lightly. Leave piracy to characters like Luffy and Captain Harlock, they know what they’re doing.

NOTE: Article image depicts characters from a previous Japanese Anti-Piracy campaign.


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