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J-Stars Victory Vs+ – Toriko, And Reborn! Vs Rurouni Kenshin English Trailers Released


There’s nothing that can revitalise a love for something more than a well put-together video game trailer. Bandai Namco Games has today released two more English trailers for their upcoming crossover fighting title J-Stars Victroy Vs+, both of which make me want to sit down and engulf myself in what both modern day and past Shonen Jump has to offer.

The first trailer features Toriko’s titular character facing up against his eternal rival Zebra in what is described as not only a quest for the perfect food but for the perfect battle. The second trailer spans across two series’; Reborn! and Rurouni Kenshin, both of which feature young protagonists who fight only for the sake of peace, but will battle each other because, well…J-Stars Victory Vs+ really has no rules! Fight to your heart’s content!

These trailers look so great, they’ve made me want to go back and re-watch Reborn!, they’ve made me want to start reading Toriko, they’ve made me want to experience Rurouni Kenshin like many people before me already have. THAT’S the power of a great trailer and what we’ve got here are two fantastic ones!

J-Stars Victory Vs+ is set to hit the West this June with it being released in North America on the 30th of the month and in Europe on the 26th for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. We cannot wait!

Toriko Trailer:

Reborn! Vs Rurouni Kenshin Trailer:


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