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J-Stars Victory Vs+ – One Piece and Saint Seiya Trailers Released


J-Stars Victroy Vs+ is only two months away from getting released down here in the West! Can you believe that? I only ask because, to be honest…I don’t think even I can! When I first heard about this game I was sure it wasn’t going to hit local shores. I was so, so sure of myself! I said to fellow writers Kane Bugeja and Luke Halliday; “there’s no way we’ll see a Western release of this game” and I’ve never felt so good about being so wrong!

Are you a fan of One Piece? How about Saint Seiya? Both, you say? Well that’s absolutely fantastic because today bandai Namco Games have released two new trailers for the upcoming game that show off two of Shonen Jump’s most popular series’. As the days roll by and the game gets closer, Bandai Namco games will continue to release more and more trailers which will hopefully prove to everyone watching that this game will be the absolute one to beat.

Enough talk out of me! You just want to watch the trailer don’t you? Well stop reading and go do it. Wait, hold on, I have one more thing I need you all to read before you do: J-Stars Victory Vs+ is due for release on PS4, PS3 and PSVita on the 26th June 2016. That is all…proceed.

One Piece:

Saint Seiya:


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