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J-Stars Victory Vs + – Official English Website Now Live


We’re all very excited for the Western release of “J-Stars Victory Vs +”; it’s the game Anime fans the world over have been waiting for since the last Shonen crossover title “Jump Ultimate Stars” and even THAT never made it to local shores so you can probably imagine the high level of excitement long-time fans of “Naruto”, “Bleach”, “Dragon ball Z” and so many other series’ are.

Well today Bandai namco games officially opened up the English website for the upcoming game and even though it going live didn’t come with some sort of specific release date for the game it did come with a trifecta of gameplay videos that, once again, show off some of your favorite heroes in action. Of the three videos released; one shows the legendary battle between Frieza and Goku from “Dragon Ball Z”, another shows an odd but aggressively awesome bout between Oga from “Beelzebub” and Taro Yamada from “Chinyuki”, and the final shows a smaller scale battle between Arale Norimake from “Dr. Slump” and Lucky Man from the series “Tottemo! Lucky Man”.

We’ve provided for you each of the trailer below but do make sure you support Bandai Namco and the upcoming game by heading to the official site: Click Here

Goku VS Frieza

Oga VS Taro

 Arale VS Lucky Man


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