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It’s Time To Fight Back! – Capcom Reveals Hyper-Interactive Attack On Titan Arcade Game


Time Crisis, House Of The Dead, Gunslinger Stratos. What do all these games have in common? Well, they’re all arcade games played with replica firearms as the controllers. They’re also incredibly popular around the world, barring Gunslinger Stratos which is a Japan-only game that is so beloved I had no choice but to mention it at least once. Over in the great land of Nippon, across the weekend, there is an event being held titled the Japan Amusement Expo which, in case you havn’t already figured out; is a convention-like event wherein which companies can showcase some of their brand-new/upcoming products, all of which stand for one purpose; to entertain people.

Capcom, being the weird and wonderful publishers that they are, revealed something a little out of “left field” with their new arcade machine titled Attack On Titan: Team Battle. Now, what’s so weird about this? Well, Tecmo Koei are in the midst of releasing their very own Attack On Titan home console game, so you’d imagine that they would also be handling all other video game adaptations of the beloved Manga and Anime series. The second strange thing is that it is a game that has players physically wield the weaponry of the series’ Omni-Dimensional Manoeuvre gear to play through the game, this is why I mentioned arcade shooters in the intro of this article.


The game will have players join together to defeat as many Titans as possible before, inevitably, being captured and eaten alive. The focus of this game, alongside the interesting arcade controllers, is team work. Players are urged to partner up with a friend so as to make the slaughtering of what appears to be extra large human beings all the more enjoyable, and not to mention easier! Getting caught by a Titan isn’t that bad when you’re playing alongside a friend; part of this game’s coding allows other players to save their companions from near death…so long as they’re good enough to do so.

The game will feature mechanics that make use of two reticles (one for each of the triggers in-hand), and two thumb-sticks that will allow for the movement of both your character and the camera, just so you can clearly see the moment before excruciating death. That’s not something you want to miss out on. By using all features of the controller in sequence, players can learn to zip through environments, slicing the necks of Titans, saving friends who’ve been captured, and looking good while doing it!


To be entirely honest; this is a game I’d spend a lot of my wage playing. There’s nothing like interactivity at this level, this is why Time Crisis has done so well over the years, and Attack On Titan happens to be one of the most popular contemporary Anime and Manga titles, so it’s absolutely going to attract players looking to try their hand at being part of the fictitious military unit present in the series.

As of right now, Capcom hasn’t said anything regarding a release date, but chances are they wont keep us waiting too long before delivering us with the sweet, sweet news of when it’s going to hit arcades. Too bad it will most likely only be released in Japan.


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