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It’s Time to Battle – Medabots 9 Teaser Revealed


Go get your friends

Ok, first things first, this is 100% a Japanese 3DS game, as in to be released in Japan. So keep your hopes where they are Western audiences. But, as the internet has taught us, we are more than welcome to appreciate something we may never necessarily have. So I decided to write about this announcement as more of a legacy to the series that once held a place in the Western canon of childhood. Clearly something that never happened in Japan, as this game carries the numeric identifier of 9. Let that one sink in.

Anyway, this next installment in the Robattling franchise focuses on Tenma Wakakoma, a protagonist who does not have the best relationshiop with his Medabot. After a particularly fiery argument, Tenma storms off in a huff and winds up clashing with the suspicious Roborobo Team and defeats them with the help of a mysterious Medabot. A few days later, a letter winds up at his front door, inviting him to attend the Medabot Academy, a facility where the cream of the Robattling crop hone their skills.

As one might expect (from all the terminology repetition) Medabots and Robattles abound as mysteries are uncovered and characters progress. Have I though about this franchise since it left the air? Yes. Do I expect this game to ever see a release in the West? No. Is that going to stop me from imaging a world in which company profits don’t affect localisation decisions? Probably not. But whatever you viewpoint, why not check out the nifty teaser trailer below and see a familiar face or two…along with a familiar sound that may or may not have been based in the Medabot franchise and wasn’t and is in fact the sound of a Lightsaber.


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